Fort Smith Massages

Salon Elements provides massage and spa services to the Fort Smith, AR area.

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314 Lexington Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Massages by Salon Elements in Fort Smith, AR

Massages Located just minutes from in the heart of downtown Fort Smith, Salon Elements provides relaxing and rejuvenating massage services for the casual spa goer as well as serious treatments for medical massage.

Donna Reamy MMT. having taken the time & continued her education and being an instructor; over the years. Donna offers specialized training in a variety of massage modes, offering different types of massage; deep tissue, medical massage, being able to help many issues lymphatic drainage, myofascial release technique, TMJ, and many more. She is able to give her clients the highly-effective treatment they need, no matter what their specific concerns are.
Having these skills and knowledge, improve our service & the overall quality of your experience.

No one ever ‘knows it all’, and having a passion for massage ensured she was always at the top of her game, delivering amazing service to her clients with her techniques.”

When it comes to her clientele , it’s Donna’s responsibility to be able to understand bodies in a way you may not. If your complaining of an ailment or niggling ache, massage may be the answer for you!!

Donna now schedules 3 clients per day, sanitizing in between with Ultraviolet UV-c anti-germ light. Our massage FEATURE is 95 minutes at $125.

Feel free to give us a call at 479.649.3435 to learn more or schedule an appointment.